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What are Casino Bonuses, Promotions and Special Offers?

This question is rather simple, but every journey must have a beginning, a focal point and an end. All of the above are special methods, which casinos employ in order to spark interest into a visitor and persuade them to part with some of their money. Of course, you are not at a complete loss when you sign-up to one of them, but you are also not a complete winner.
Each of these methods has some strings attached to it, which will influence you in the future. Here some of the most commonly found methods will be discussed.

What are Bonus Funds?

Bonus funds are an additional currency, which does not follow the rules of your typical deposit. The use of bonus funds in gambling games may be oftentimes limited to certain criteria, which you should follow. Usually, they would be limited to use only in certain games, or certain types of games. Besides that, to withdraw wins from bonus funds, you will be required to play through your bonus multiple times, ranging from 5-50+.
This means, that a bonus of $5 may require wagers of $25 to have been played on the site, up to $250 and even more. Each casino has its own rules about the number of times a bonus must be played through in order to withdraw its wins. The different games on offer may give a different percentile of its wager to the bonus funds rollover.
If, again, we use the $5 bonus, needed to be wagered 5 times over example, and we decided to bet on Blackjack, which has a wager percentile of 5%, this will mean, that on this one game, you must wager $500 to be able to withdraw your wins. If you decide to play slots, which in this example have 100% wager percentile, you will only have to wager $25 to be allowed to withdraw your wins from the bonus funds.


- Should I just go and claim a bonus without a second of doubt?
No! reading may be boring, but it could spare you a lot of headaches relating to mandatory rollovers and similar restrictions. Thoroughly read each bonus’ conditions before accepting.
- Can I beat the system by betting Bonus Funds on demo games?
No. All wager rollovers are counted only with real money. Besides that, it is good to know what the rollover percentage of different games is, as this could make the rollover process either faster or ridiculously slow.
- Are deposit bonuses a singular deal?
Sometimes, yes, sometimes, no. It depends on the casino and the current promotion. Usually any first-time deposit promotions will chain to second and third deposits. This could prove a real hinderance through the piled-up wager rollover.
- Will the dark gods of the endless abyss bring me more luck in slot games, especially if I use bonuses?
Neither otherworldly entities, nor a person’s participation in bonus and loyalty programs has proven to influence the games’ outcome. For all points and purposes, the game should be viewed as an independent and random experience.
- What should I do if I or someone I know has a gambling problem?
Contact a local organization or a support group which deals with this issue. Besides that, you may try to take advantage of online casinos responsible gaming policies.
- Any last advice? Keep safe and be good.

Enjoy Real Live Casino Action Without Having to Leave Home – Best Online Live Casino

There are plenty of real live casinos dotted around the world. Many large cities will have at least one you can visit. But for the majority of players wanting to experience the thrill and excitement of a bricks and mortar establishment, it means traveling a considerable distance.
Often, at huge expense. When the average person figures in the cost of traveling and accommodation, playing at a real casino can work out to be very expensive.

Thankfully, not one single player needs to worry about visiting a real casino because almost the same experience is available online. It was no surprise that live dealer casino games were added to the menu of many online casinos.
Playing on your own against a computer can become very boring. Another reason live dealer games were introduced was
that an increasing number of players were mistrusting online casinos and doubting whether the games were as random as claimed. The answer was live casino online games and they caught on like wildfire.

What is a live online casino

A live online casino is about as close as you can get to experiencing the best live online casino games without having to leave the comfort of your armchair. The best live casino online will offer a range of different games just like those played in a land-based casino.
The difference is that instead of sitting across a table from the dealer and other players, you're watching the action streamed live. You watch the dealer shuffle and deal the cards, spin the wheel, pay the winning players and so on.  

There are three different types of live dealer casinos
Basically, there are three different types of live casino you can enjoy online. A dealer studio is the most common and is when games are streamed from a studio that has been built solely for live dealer games.
Everything is designed to make the experience as realistic as possible and provide players with the best live casino online games. From the lighting, camera views, closeups and interaction. The best live dealer online casino games can also be customized to suit a players needs.

Another type of live casino online game is recorded live in an actual land-based casino. You might be playing online, along with other players. But it's also possible that some of those sat around the table are actually seated in the actual casino. The games will be managed by actual casino managers, dealers, croupiers and other casino employees.

Lastly, are television broadcast games. This type of casino online live is not as popular as it once was. The games are broadcast over web and cable TV and it's possible to take part via your PC or TV.

The best online live casino will have the following features

If you want to experience the thrill and excitement that comes with playing live dealer games you need to find the best possible casino. When we look at different live casinos online there are a number of features we consider.
Selection of games
The concept of live dealer games is still a relatively new one. This means that the availability varies considerably. The best live online casino will offer more than a handful with some providing more than 10 different games.
A run of the mill live online casino will have just a few. On the whole the games offered are blackjack, baccarat and roulette. With better casinos offering further options such as Caribbean Hold'em, Texas Hold'em and more.
The stakes in online casino games tend to be a little higher than standard RNG games. On average you can expect them to be between $3 and $5. Of course there are going to be games with much lower stakes, but you'll need to shop around to find them.  
Cash out limits  
   Cash out limits are an important consideration, especially if you're playing for much larger amounts. The potential for bigger wins means you might want to cash out more money on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The best live casino online will allow you to do this.
Live dealers
The dealers who are directing the games tend to be of a certain type. There is, unfortunately, a distinct lack of diversity when it comes to gender and ethnicity. They tend to be white, European women.
Although we have to say that this is changing and a number of the best live dealer online casinos now offer a little more variety. It's also possible for the dealers to speak multiple languages. If you find a dealer you like it is possible to check a schedule and find out when they are working so you can plan your playing time accordingly.
The latest equipment
The quality of the gameplay offered at the various live online casinos varies considerably. You won't find the best live casino experience everywhere. It requires a considerable amount of cost and investment. The latest equipment will be used including HD streaming, larger playing cards, software that allows you to talk to other players. It should also be possible to play multiple tables and games.

Extra Stars Review

The Extra Stars is a video slots game powered and developed by Euro Games Technology. It is a fruit-based slot machine with three reel positions and five reels. The game pays on 10 fixed lines from both left to right and right to left on adjacent reels and selected lines. It is a medium Volatility slot with three different features – re-spins, expanding wild and just reel game.
The wild symbol is a star which appears on the second, third and forth reels and substitutes for winning symbols in the event that they land in their place. Once a Star Symbol is hit by the player it expands on the entire row acting as a wild and paying any subsequent payouts. The star then holds the entire reel and triggers a free respin of the other reels with the initial bet.
In the event of another star appearing on the other reels the free respin is triggered once again with the second star holding the respective reel.  The top award is five 7s with a 1000 times the bet per line payout. The player can gamble any wins less than 350 by choosing the gamble button and selecting red or black. At the event of a right choice the amount is doubled.
If the red/black choice is wrong the entire amount is lost and the game is finished. There is a four-level progressive jackpot illustrated by a card suit. Any of these jackpots can be won with a Jackpot Cards progressive bonus which is triggered after a single game. The game is then finished and all winnings collected with a new screen opening.
The player selects cards from a field with 12 initially face-down cards until revealing 3 matching suits. The three matching suit cards opened will award the respective suit jackpot. The amount awarded is the number on the right side of each suit symbol at the time that the last card from the 12 card field is open. According to the developers the player has a reasonable chance to win any of the suit jackpots with any of the qualified bets.

How to Bet on Slots - Pay Lines and Bets Explained

This is a good and substantial question. Thank you for asking it. Pay lines are the distributions of symbol combinations which provide an award. It sounds rather convoluted, so it is a time for a practical example. A slot with only one pay line would usually follow the center, horizontal line.
A slot with three pay lines would follow the center horizontal line and the ones above and beneath it. A slot with 243 pay lines will consider every two symbols which are next to each other as a winning combination. In a slot game’s information menu, there is detailed information on the amount of pay lines and their distribution.

How much am I actually betting?

When the wager is calculated, the number of pay lines is taken into consideration. Typically, the coin value would be multiplied by the number of pay lines. This means that if a coin has a value of 5, playing on 40 lines would make your wager 200. Some games allow you to set the number of pay lines you are going to play on and it directly reflects on the wager.
Some games would have “Levels” or a similar term. This represents a multiplier by which the wager would proportionally grow (and with it the reward). Paying 5 to play on 40 lines on level 5 would turn the wager from 200 to 1,000, but it would also increase the payout fivefold.

What is a Sticky?

These are symbols, usually special symbols, which remain on the screen over multiple spins. Each game has its own rules about it, but in the common case, stickies would usually remain during bonus free spins. The “Sticky” symbol would usually be the “Wild”, which significantly increases the chances of winning a line.

Should I double my Winnings?

This is a question, the answer of which depends only on you and is your personal responsibility. Some slot games, after achieving a win, will ask you if you want to double your wins. Doubling the wins is a minigame in which your wins are the wager. Whether you win or lose may be decided by calling a side of a coin, shape or color of a card, or some other, similar, easy to grasp concept. In most of the cases, you are free to double your winnings repeatedly until you lose them. 

What are hot and Cold Slots?

Cold slots are slots, which have recently lost their jackpot. By many gamblers it is considered a sign that soon, the jackpot for this slot will not fall again. Hot slots are slots which have not recently dropped their jackpot.
This means, that the more superstitious gamblers would prefer playing on them, as they consider it a sign that there is a big chance to score a jackpot on this slot than any other. From a pragmatic standpoint, no dependencies between “hot” or “cold” slots and their jackpots have been objectively proven. It is widely considered just a superstition.