What are Casino Bonuses, Promotions and Special Offers?

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This question is rather simple, but every journey must have a beginning, a focal point and an end. All of the above are special methods, which casinos employ in order to spark interest into a visitor and persuade them to part with some of their money. Of course, you are not at a complete loss when you sign-up to one of them, but you are also not a complete winner.
Each of these methods has some strings attached to it, which will influence you in the future. Here some of the most commonly found methods will be discussed.

What are Bonus Funds?

Bonus funds are an additional currency, which does not follow the rules of your typical deposit. The use of bonus funds in gambling games may be oftentimes limited to certain criteria, which you should follow. Usually, they would be limited to use only in certain games, or certain types of games. Besides that, to withdraw wins from bonus funds, you will be required to play through your bonus multiple times, ranging from 5-50+.
This means, that a bonus of $5 may require wagers of $25 to have been played on the site, up to $250 and even more. Each casino has its own rules about the number of times a bonus must be played through in order to withdraw its wins. The different games on offer may give a different percentile of its wager to the bonus funds rollover.
If, again, we use the $5 bonus, needed to be wagered 5 times over example, and we decided to bet on Blackjack, which has a wager percentile of 5%, this will mean, that on this one game, you must wager $500 to be able to withdraw your wins. If you decide to play slots, which in this example have 100% wager percentile, you will only have to wager $25 to be allowed to withdraw your wins from the bonus funds.


- Should I just go and claim a bonus without a second of doubt?
No! reading may be boring, but it could spare you a lot of headaches relating to mandatory rollovers and similar restrictions. Thoroughly read each bonus’ conditions before accepting.
- Can I beat the system by betting Bonus Funds on demo games?
No. All wager rollovers are counted only with real money. Besides that, it is good to know what the rollover percentage of different games is, as this could make the rollover process either faster or ridiculously slow.
- Are deposit bonuses a singular deal?
Sometimes, yes, sometimes, no. It depends on the casino and the current promotion. Usually any first-time deposit promotions will chain to second and third deposits. This could prove a real hinderance through the piled-up wager rollover.
- Will the dark gods of the endless abyss bring me more luck in slot games, especially if I use bonuses?
Neither otherworldly entities, nor a person’s participation in bonus and loyalty programs has proven to influence the games’ outcome. For all points and purposes, the game should be viewed as an independent and random experience.
- What should I do if I or someone I know has a gambling problem?
Contact a local organization or a support group which deals with this issue. Besides that, you may try to take advantage of online casinos responsible gaming policies.
- Any last advice? Keep safe and be good.

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